Midi In (Input/Output Activity) keeps pulsating

I am using Cubase Elements 11. The “Midi In”, (Input/Output Activity) keeps pulsating even when the Instrument tracks are disabled. Don’t have this with 10.5 version? any ideas what is causing this as it is bugging me now! Checked any reverbs or delays thar=t might be accidentally on infinite but clutching at straws. Recently installed Kontakt??


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Most often, this is caused by Mackie HUI Remote Device, which sends the “I’m alive” MIDI Message.

Open Studio > Studio Setup. Do you have any Remote Devices there? Any Mackie HUI? If yes, make sure, there MIDI Inputs are set to Not Connected, please. Or do you use any Remote Device actively?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the advise. That has cured it for me and also a problem I had with trying to set up Quick Controls!

Thank you so much for taking the time.

Regards(a happy) Pete