Midi In/Out on UR44 - Midi interface recommendation

Thanks to all for sharing their opinions and knowledge.
Turns out (often does) I’m needing more MIDI ins and outs but my UR44 offers only 1.
I’m looking at the MOTU Micro Express USB. It’s affordable with enough ins/outs for my situation. I’m running Cubase 8.5 on an ADK built, desktop DAW. I’m doing regular Midi recording and editing - nothing extravagant. I just want timing accuracy and no glitches (or regrets from making a poor choice based on my general lack of technical knowledge). In short, would the Motu deliver?
David Main

probably yes, but why you´re focused only on that MIDI-Interface?

I looked to see if Steinberg had one but it seems they dont. I looked at the ADK site and they were offering mostly Motu so I thought I’d just begin the thread asking about the MOTU (Micro Express USB) figuring members would share their ides about other units.

first: what do you mean with ADK-website? and depends on where you are, i maybe can give you an advice where to buy, where do you are in this world?

This ADK website:

I suppose the MOTU will be fine, provided it has drivers for your version of windows.

Thanks, for the help and advice Strophoid,
i´m sit in Europe, so don´t know this shop.

Thanks guys . . . Yes there is support for Win 10 pro 64.
Just wondering if Motu’s support is considered to be good?

I can’t see midi timing and lag being an issue these days the relative performance of modern computers and how light on hardware midi is. The motu interface you listed looks good but theres an Icon 5in/5out interface available for nearly half the price. http://www.dv247.com/computer-hardware/icon-cubemi-5-usb-midi-controller--79121