MIDI Incoming Data/Signal

I have a Akai Mpk 49, yesterday i assigned my mpk as a midi controller so i can leave the mouse / stop wasting time / start having a better work flow.

Although when i want to play on my keyboard and want to compose something i dont have incoming MIDI data/ignal anymore on my INSTRUMENT/VST track.
There is incoming signal, i can see it on my daw but i dont have incoming signal on the selected track for the VST instrument.

Anyone could help me please ?

Yes i set it already but it doesn’t work… since the transport function and faders/knobs work good on my mpk49 i can’t play anything…In standalone i can use each and every vst instrument but when i use them in the DAW it doesnt look good :confused:

Check this out !

DAW Settings :

-Midi Instrument track is set : - All MIDI Inputs

  • on channel 1

MPK Settings

Common Channel : 1a

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It was working before i set it all to work with faders and knobs. Actually i figured out it wasn’t working after updating cubase to 6.5, and after having set all faders and transport button. Then i don’t know what the hell is wrong… it is cubase settings or keyboard settings ?

I can get it working on reason just by turning the mouse of The Common Channel on my keyboard, when im on the 1a channel with reason its working… I tried to do the same thing with cubase its not working.

Documentations on my keyboard are not so clear.

Thanks for your help!

Problem solved.

Steinberg Team sugest me to delete a specific folder. Then everything was fine.