Midi inport to audio mixdown for the first time no good

Good day. I am using Cubase LE AI Elements 7 mainly for recording vocals. First I will be import midi and export that midi to audio using HALion Sonic SE sound set to audio file and then mix instrumental and vocals. It work fine, I was satisfied with sound till now. Midi is a strange beast but there was nothing which I was not able to improve with mixer and inserts. Till now. In this midi file I have one instrument, voice aash which Cubase will play very quite (on midi scale for channel volume is set to 107) and when I export midi to audio that instrument can’t be heared. And it is a lead instrument and recorded audio is not the same as midi. Playback of that midi in standalone karaoke players like Vanbasco etc. is fine, if I convert mid2wav with Syntfont I can also hear that lead instrument (not as loud as it should be). I tried to playback in Cubase only that instrument and I can barely hear it. What is wrong with that particular instrument (voice)? In my version of Cubase I can’t see a way to insert compressor on midi channel. How can I control that instrument for audio mixdown? I have to export two separate audio files, first all instrument except voice_aash then this instrument solo with compressor on master “stereo out” to get loud sound. After that I mixed those two together and get my instrument track as it should be (same playback as midi). Is it HAlion Sonic or I am missing something here (lack of knowladge perhaps)?
Thank you for answer, nino
P.S. I bought that midi, if needed I can send it for testing purposes

Hey Nino, is Halion outputting to one stereo audio track or one stereo track per sound?

There’s no DAW that will let you compress MIDI. MIDI channels are just made up of data instructions for the VSTi to read. You can compress the audio output.

If there’s only the one stereo output from Halion, you can solo the “aah” MIDI channel, bounce it down to audio, then add a compressor or boost the gain of the whole track.
You also should be able to boost its output from within HALion.
You could also set the MIDI channel’s gain to 127 with an automation event—to make sure it plays at full volume.

Thank you enjneer for your answer. That trick with route output to audio is the same as audio mixdown only that instrument and with pool thake audio track back into project. HALion Sonic SE has only one output, stereo out (speakers). I can control whole sound on master channel 8stereo out). I can allow on midi channel max output to be 127 but max volume will be 107 as is in midi file. Never mind, that level is quite enough but Cubase will not allowed that sound be so strong. When I export that midi to audio with limiter -2 (plenty of headroom) and open that audio in Audacity I will get nice waveform without clipping (ofcourse) but when it played right channel will go into red zone. Sound (some frequencies) will amplify itself (resonance?) and get power to drive sound to clipping. Maybe that it is a reason for Cubase to interpret voice_aash sound not to loud.

Don’t know. Hard to tell. Why not load an instance of HALion for each sound? Then you can get deeper control of, and insight into, each sound.
These days, I go one synth per sound—except for drums.