MIDI Input Chord Recognition?

In Logic it tells you the chord you are playing in the transport, StudioOne show it in the Inspector.

Ive never looked for it before in Cubase, is it there? I know I can create a Chord Track, record on it and then you have them but Im looking for a play a chord and the display is showing it like the other two DAWs.

Just curious as someone asked me on this?


yes… if you have the midi piano roll open with the option enabled it shows you in the top what midi note/chord you are playing

If you don’t mind a stand alone app I feel is worth it is chordie:
Keyboard, fret board, staff sig.
The 3 gui parts are configurable as far as placement.

Does the chord display with live playing? I tried this and it only seems to work when manually highlighting sets of notes.

I think it shows live too, but I am not 100% sure. For sure it lists every chord/note without highlighting them when playing back.


look at “current chord display” - this will give you midi info as you play back. also you can go to chord edit to find your chords, do inversion etc

Can Cubase Artist Chord Recognition output the chords to the Score too, as in can we print it too? Or does it just give us the chord names in showing above the Track? Currently, i can only get my 10.0.30 Cubase artist to show the chords above the Track/MIDI input area.