Midi input device not detected Dorico/Mac/Yamaha PSR-175

Hi, I have bought a USB midi interface for an ageing keyboard Yamaha PS-175, but it’s not visible in Dorico>Preferences>Play>Midi input devices, what do I need to do to activate this, please?

All help gratefully received


Is it visible in any other app, like GarageBand?

Is it visible in MacOS’s Audio MIDI Setup.app ?

Presumably, you’re using it through some sort of MIDI interface hardware that connects your Mac’s USB to the 5-pin DIN old-style MIDI sockets?


I don’t have Garage Band any more but I guess I could download it again

I checked MacOS’s Audio Midi Setup and it’s not there

I remember an interesting experience where I had meticulously followed the setup instructions and plugged the USB MIDI interface directly into a USB port on my Mac, but the MIDI interface and the attached MIDI keyboard just would not be recognised when plugged into any of the built-in USB ports. The instructions specifically mentioned that plugging the interface into a USB hub would not work but I tried that too, also without success. I ended up plugging the interface into the second USB port on my Mac’s keyboard. Even though the keyboard was acting as a hub, much to my surprise this setup worked.
Also, as an afterthought, make sure that the MIDI-In and MIDI-Out plugs are in the correct sockets on the back of the keyboard. If you’re not sure, try swapping them and see if that makes a difference.

If even MacOS does not see that MIDI device, then Dorico definitely won’t see it either.
Does your MIDI-to-USB device come with a dedicated device driver and if so, have you installed it? Is that device from Yamaha, or what type and maker is it?

Thanks all, really appreciate your help.

I had downloaded a Yamaha driver but not the midi to USB dedicated driver as suggested by Ulf but now I’ve sussed that, all is well! R

Excellent, glad to hear that!