MIDI Input - EMU 1x1

I have a EMU midi 1x1 that I recently purchased. I went to their website and downloaded and installed the latest drivers. In Cubase 6.05, I can see that the device is installed and the ports are recognized.

Cubase -> Devices -> Device Setup -> Midi -> Midi Port Setup

It is listed as a “Windows MIdi Device” as an “IN” with the label as “EMU XmidiX1 Tab”. The port is visible and active. It is set to “in: all midi”.

However, I can’t seem to get any midi data into Cubase from it and the device that is hooked up to it (no midi data is seen being transmitted into Cubase when looking at the midi level input meter in the transport window or on specific midi tracks which are set to “all midi inputs”). I have the EMU “midi in” connected to the “midi out” of my Roland electronic drum set. I was previously using an M-Audio midi uno instead and had no problems having the drumset work in Cubase. I simply swapped out the M-Audio device and put the EMU in its place.

I also have an M-Audio Axiom 49 Keyboard connected and it works fine (I can get midi input signals on the transport meters and within tracks). I am using Superior Drummer 2.0 and the keyboard works fine with it. Additionally, the M-Audio midi uno worked with it before too…

Is there something I am missing here? Why can’t I get this thing to work? THANKS!