MIDI Input from Controller /Keyboard Not Being Recognized?

I’m running Cubase 11 on Windows 10. I’m using a Sampson Graphite 49 as my MIDI controller/keyboard.

PROBLEM: My MIDI instruements (Halion Sonice SE and others) do not seem to be receiving MIDI input from my Sampson Graphite 49 Keyboard

ALREADY CHECKED: In the Studio Setup dialog, under MIDI Ports - you can see the Sampson Graphite 49; so it “seems” clear that Cubase knows about it, or recognizes it.

ALREADY CHECKED: In the MIDI Instrument Track (Halion Sonice SE), in the track’s Input Routing - the Sampson Graphite 49 shows up as well; so it “seems” clear that Cubase knows about it, or recognizes it.

HOWEVER… when I open the MIDI Instrument (Halion Sonic SE), it’s NOT RECEIVING any MIDI input from the MIDI Controller/Sampson Graphite 49. I can trigger notes on the Halion Sonic SE by using my computer mouse and clicking on the on-screen keyboard. It will play notes; but it’s NOT recognizing any MIDI input from my Sampson Graphite 49

ALREADY CHECKED: I used the MIDI-OX application to see/validate that input from the Sampson Graphite 49 is being sent. It is being sent…but somehow Cubase is not receiving; or this particular MIDI Instrument (Halion Sonic E) is not receiving the MIDI input.

Any Help Would GREATLY Be Appreciated!!
I have or attempted to put pictures in this forum post; I uploaded the image files, I don’t know if they’ll show up or not.

**** IDEA**** Perhaps Steinberg could create a MIDI instrument that is nothing more than a ‘tracer’ or MIDI message inspector (like MIDI-OX), that could run inside it’s DAW software (or any DAW software)

Don’t ask me why/how…but it’s working now

That is called “MIDI Monitor” and can be assigned as a MIDI Insert: