Midi input from interface dosen't reach DAW

Another problem again, i’m in the process of resolving everything that keeps me from working normally.

This one happens only on my laptop. It’s windows on XP, happens on any cubase, sx3 or 5 and 3 different interfaces (01x, i88x firewire mlan devices and also with m-audio 2626). I use the laptop’s integrated small firewire port with a 4 to 6 pins firewire cable.
So, problems is that DAW programs dosen’t receive any midi signal.
Plug my TD-20 in the interface input.
Open cubase and the midi activity dosen’t show anything, same with a midi track with the monitor activated.
All midi inputs are visible and activated.
The midi cable and the TD-20 works as expected on my rackmount computer with any interface.

Could it be the firewire card? I woulden’t think so since, audio works well with that setup!
Could it be windows related?
Any ideas?

Firstly, I would plug your midi triggering device into the interface and then connect a midi receiving device (synth, etc) directly from your interface to make sure a midi signal is even leaving your interface.
If you are indeed getting a midi signal from it’s output, then my other concern would be your firewire cable. I’m not sure if it’s universal but my instructions were to use a 6 to 6 pin firewire cable. That may be the difference. Those other 2 pins could be designated for midi.

Is the port listed in MIDI Port Config. in Device Setup? Is it selectable as the input of a MIDI track?