MIDI input from Yamaha Genos workstation

I have some great stuff in my Genos. Backing tracks and melody.
What I want is to “play” those into Cubase 11 so the measures line up and I can use the Score editor to add lyrics and print sheet music.
I started with Cubase in the 70’s when we had to load it from cassette tape, but now Version 11 is so verbose my brain is totally fried.
Just need MIDI. No audio recording required at this time.
PLEASE phone me if you know how to do this. I will PAY you to show me (sharing screen, perhaps).
On a time crunch to finish a full-length musical. Please phone me.
Frederick … 772-370-5310


The easiest way is to export MIDI file from Genos and import it to Cubase.

If you want to re-record it to Cubase, you have to sync both devices. In the Transport > Project Synchronisation Setup set source to Internal Timecode. ON the Destinations tab enable Genos MIDI port in the MIDI Clock Destinations tab and enable all options in the MIDI Clock Preferences.

Add one MIDI Track, set enable record and record all data from Genos to Cubase. Then use the MIDI > Dissolve Part.

Martin …

Thank you ever so much BUT “Midi Dissolve Part” moves parts to separate channels, but

getting the bars to line up with the incoming music is what’s needed.

Would like the “metronome timing” from Genos to match the bars in Cubase … if this is at all possible via some kind of work-around.

Also, if record would start ONLY when data begins to be sent from Genos, so we start on the first measure. As it is, Cubase starts recording 2 bars after record enable is activated. The hope here is for Cubase to start recording when Genos plays it’s recorded piece AND for Cubase to match the measures bar by bar to the end.

Then it should be easy to get it into Score Editor, add the lyrics and other good stuff, and have my songs on paper sheet music to share.

Lot’s of good stuff in the Genos, but useless if it can’t be printed in a score. All I need are left-hand chords and right hand melodies.

If you can find the time, it would be super wonderful to have a bit more input.

Even more wonderful if you can PHONE me here in Michigan time. Up and in my creative workshop by 7 a.m. most mornings and available until at least 7 p.m.

Thank you, Martin. :blush:

… Frederick


Not really, it separate the MIDI data to the tracks based on the channel.

Then you either export/import the MIDI file (what is the easiest way).

Or sync both devices (as I described) and record (then Dissolve Part).

Dear Martin …

Thank you ever so much.

I attach a piece (see MP3 link below) played “freely” so you may see the sort of PROBLEM the scoring must be.

Clearly the tempo is all over the place, yet I so wish to get it (and many, many others) onto paper.

I think of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” that fits quite nicely on paper, yet it is always played “with feeling” and never to a fixed metronome tempo.

Woe is me! :blush:

If you think of a short-cut method to accomplish this I must beg you to notify me at once. It is not that I fail to understand the issue. I understand it too well. At the same time, of course, we know AI is taking over the world, and there may already be software to do the hard work for me (or it may be “in the works” somewhere waiting for me to discover it).

In the meantime, I have a local theater considering a musical I’ve almost completed, and it will not do for me to record the music for them to play from a CD in performances. I need to score all of it – at least the chords and right hand melodies (which is really all I need for the “songs” my actors will sing, because the orchestra director can interpret my chords and melodies and write the other parts for me.

But, until I can give him a readable score with chords, melodies, and lyrics, the production must remain dead in the water!

Your kindness is truly appreciated.

Please think of me and my issue from time-to-time. :blush:

Here’s my SnowDreams. Of course it is not a piece to be “sung” but I’d still like to be able to score it, and again we face the tempo problem.


Please send me a link to some of your work and enjoy your evening there.

Bay City, Michigan


Yes, this is the think. It fits on paper, but everyone is playing something different comparison to the thing, which is on the paper. If you would record the Sonata as someone is playing it, it wouldn’t fit to the paper nicely anymore. Because the music sheet is just very rough description of the music and every interpret is playing it different way. But the computers don’t understand the feelings (and tempo changes) very well so far. I’m sorry.