MIDI Input has completely stopped working (Dorico 4.2)

I just installed Dorico 4.2 and I can’t get midi input to work, no matter what I do. My midi input is selected and activated, but Dorico seems to be receiving nothing.
What’s even stranger, it has now happened a few times that after I closed Dorico and opened up another program (like Cubase), the midi stopped working there as well, just as if Dorico somehow corrupted the signal, if that’s even possible.

I’m using a Korg microKey. I usually have it routed through midiOX into loopMIDI, so that I can use the keyboard in multiple applications at the same time (since Windows 10 doesn’t allow doing that with the normal USB connection), but using just the normal USB connection has the same problem as well.

The Dorico project itself is working fine; input with the computer keyboard or the mouse works just as expected, as does the playback.

When I uninstall Dorico 4.2 and roll back to 4.1, everything is working fine again.

Grateful for any ideas/pointers!

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Go to Preferences > Play, expand Advanced Options at the bottom and disable WinRT Midi.

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Now that was a very easy solution to something that just stole 3 hours of my day.

Thanks Craig, working great now!

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