Midi Input in Key Editor records CC's

Sometimes I use Midi Input in Key Editor to edit the pitches of a line. It works okay, every time I have played a key the editor wil set focus on the next midi-event. But not if the function Auto Select Controllers (ASC) is on, then it will select the next controller - CC 1 or whatever. If I turn this function off it will work the way as expected, but all the other situations that I select notes in the Key-Editor I want to grab the controllers as well, so I have to remember to turn the ASC on, and of course I forget that sometimes. Is there a smart way to handle this situation? :slight_smile:


You could try to make your own Macro to:

  • Enable MIDI Input
  • Disable ASC.

And use this Macro to enable the MIDI Input instead of the common way. Then I would recommend an opposite Macro to:

  • Disable MIDI Input
  • Enable ASC

Yes I thought of that too, but wondered when anyone would use the Midi Input function to record/change CC controllers, but maybe it’s just my workflow, that never uses this possibility.