Midi input into multiple voices at the same time on a single staff

I’m looking for an option to input up-stem voice and down-stem voice at the same time in a single staff using midi input?

I don’t think you can do that. What you can do is write on two staves, expanding the caret. Then select the lower staff content, cut, and paste special > downstem voice into the upper staff…

Thank you!

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Dorico should automatically put the notes you play during MIDI recording into separate voices, according to the inner movement: if everything you play is in rhythmic unison, it will go into one voice; if you hold some notes while other notes are moving, they’ll go into separate voices.

If what you’ve recorded has gone into one voice and you want to split the lower notes into a down-stem voice, you can use tools like filters and changing the voice of notes to sort this out after recording.

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