Midi input is working, but the instrument makes no sound


I have a project where the midi input is all working fine; the green light is on and off when the keyboard is triggered. But the instrument makes no sound, while the setting is all correct. Maybe you open the project again, and it won’t work somehow, and you have to reload the instrument.

The instrument I use is all HalionSonic, so there should be no compatibility problem.


Hi @wangsimon5432,

open the HALion Sonic editor and click to the piano keyboard? Does it sound now? Maybe there is routing wrong in the mixer?

See you

By default, no sound is assigned to the first Halion Sonic slot, so you may habe to chose a sound first in the editor.

The piano keyboard in HalionSonic editor can make sounds, while midi keyboard can’t, although it’s connected, and the green light flashes while notes are triggered.

The instruments/sounds have been loaded. That’s why I said it somehow must be ‘reloaded’ to work properly.

Flashes in the Layer?? That would be weird. If you move a pitch or modulation wheel, does it work then? What keyboard do you play?
Also check the MIDI Input Channel, set to “Any”, and likewise for the Output (Instrument), and make sure Halion SE has a Sound assigned to the slot (MIDI Channel) that your keyboard sends to.

I haven’t got to rehearse again yet, so I can’t try modulation wheel for now. I was using Nord 6D. I tried ‘Any’ and it made no difference. It has nothing to do with output for it would work if you reload the instrument in Halion.

I used a Roland keyboard once and the key mapping wasn’t alright; it became a different key.