Midi input - looking for a solution

I recently built myself a new computer and found that my soundcard did not support Win7 64 bit. Yes, I was running on quite a junky computer before. Problem is now I am looking for a cheap replacement to my midi input, but I want to run it through a sound card. Most cheap sound cards I’ve found aren’t supporting a midi port on win 7 64 bit, excepting cards of at least $100. I don’t want to spend that much just for a midi in.

Also, I’m quite reluctant of using midi through USB as several people I’ve talked to have said that they’ve had latency issues. Is this usually the case? Or should I just settle with USB and bypass a pci unit altogether? Which would be the cheapest solution?

So you want to buy a soundcard just for the midi input? :confused:
Why not get an M-Audio midisport uno or something similar? USB midi works fine btw, most midi interfaces use USB too. My Midex 8 can do 8 midi IO of 16 channels each over USB.

well, thats all I was using it for before as well. for audio, I’m running a motu 2408 mk II, and the sound on my mobo is sufficient for whatever sound outs i need, but I was just wondering about midi in. Seeing as most cards dont have midi in anymore, I was finding it difficult to find other than USB.

Like i said, having always used a midi/game port, I have never worked with usb interfaces. not to mention, my friend made me skeptical.

I see. In my experience (and many many others) USB midi works just fine, so I wouldn’t be afraid of that, seeing as it saves you quite a bit of money.
You’re right though, I can’t really seem to find cheap PCIe Midi interfaces either.