MIDI Input/Output Groupings

I’ve always found the ‘All MIDI Inputs’ a bit of a blunt tool, and often find I have to temporarily add/remove items from the ‘All MIDI Inputs’ designation.

How about being able to group MIDI ports? I could have a ‘Master Keyboards’ group, ‘Fader Controller’ group or ‘Sys-Ex Returns’ group. Ideally MIDI ports could live within one, none or many of these groups.

For example, some of my synth modules return Sys-Ex, that I could capture on a MIDI Track - I wouldn’t want these to be in my ‘All MIDI Inputs’ designation. As it is now I have to designate separate MIDI Tracks for every synth outside of the ‘All MIDI Inputs’ group - how much easier it would be if I could designate a single ‘Sys-Ex’ MIDI Track and allocate its input to be ‘Sys-Ex Returns’.

Clearly this would work well for MIDI outputs too…