MIDI Input problem in specific project

Hi there,

Not sure whats going on but I cannot input MIDI from my keyboard at all in one specific project. Had been working fine and then just stopped. Weird thing is if I create a new empty project or load any other project it works just fine. I have a Yamaha KX88 running into a MOTU MTP AV. All configurations are showing up just fine in device setup. MIDI is clearly being inputted from the MOTU (evidenced also by the fact that it works in any other project).

Yet if I create a new MIDI/Instrument track or try to trigger any track in the existing project - nothing. Its really weird. All MIDI Inputs is set for the MIDI input on the monitored tracks, and the Ports from the MOTU are set to be included in All. This just randomly happened when I came back to the project. Otherwise everything everywhere else is working fine.

Am I missing something?

Mac OSX 10.8.5, C8 Pro 8.0.30


Can you see the MIDI activity on the Transport Panel, while playing the KX88 in the project?

Yes I can. Ive rebuilt the project by exporting all selected tracks and importing into a new session and its working. Still that particular session is not happening. Ive also tried a Midiman to see if the problem was on the MOTU’s end but that didnt work either. In any case, the new session is fine. Still dont know what is wrong with that one though.

EDIT: I just had a thought - I did not realise (or perhaps I have this wrong) the chord pads function was activated for triggering patterns instead of chords. It seems that when patterns are selected the zone of the keyboard outside the designated trigger zone is blocked from input. This doesnt seem to happen when chords are activated though?

Ill check it in the session.