MIDI Input: Puzzle me this?!

Full disclosure: A week ago I had a BSOD crash when taking out a USB stick while Cubase was running. It wiped out several of my Midi Devices.

I reinstalled them and everything seemed to be working fine.

But, my midi keyboard controller is puzzling me. If I select it by name, for track input, it isn’t showing any midi activity … although the transport bar shows midi input.

If I select ‘All Midi Input,’ it now works as normal, recording and triggering the track Midi Output device.

How can this be?

I’m already cringing at the probable answer and solution: ‘It can’t be, so just reinstall … and make sure to wipe out your preferences file.’


Removed any old usb stick or one with Cubase Project on?
Has your controller got a Control Panel or can you reset it from the front end.
Could be that removing that usb stick interfered with the midi data flow and Cubase took it that your controller had been disconnected had no way of knowing that it was connected again. This could happen if Cubase had applied it’s own settings and then on disconnect the keyboard settings had kicked in leaving Cubase to walk the plank.
Try disconnecting it, reconnecting and then in Devices Setup, midi. Reset the midi. You may have to redo any settings made insude that Cubase Project.