MIDI input Split Point

I’m inputting using a MIDI piano keyboard, and am NOT (NOT NOT NOT) recording. Setting caret and playing in each chord individually, again, NOT recording.

How can I change the split point? It’s making absurd decisions on my grand staff piano, like this:

I hope someone can tell me I’m wrong, but I haven’t found a way. Hopefully in version 5 we’ll get a way to manually split content in grand staves at a specified pitch but I’ve not found a way. The only work around I find to be practical is to filter the top note of the LH, move to RH, repeat and rinse. I think there’s a way that involves exporting midi (xml?) and re-importing, but someone else will have to explain that, if it is a way. EDIT: You can input one hand (staff) at a time but that doesn’t solve your current issue.

One can marquee-select the notes in the wrong staff and then ALT/OPT + N them to the top staff.

When you write step-time into multiple staves Dorico distributes one note per staff only if you play the same number of notes as staves. If fewer, the bottom note gets doubled, and if more, all the extras go in the bottom staff. Not IMO the most musically useful, but that is the way it works.

If you were to record in real-time, Dorico offers a dynamic split-point. But for playing both hands at once in step-time, the above approaches are the best we’ve got so far. What I often do is enter one hand, duplicate it to the other staff and repitch, so at least I don’t have to redo the rhythm.

Thanks, this is pretty frustrating. I’m often moving from sketch to score when I’m inputting, so I’m tweaking and trying things, then shift + N to input, then tweaking and trying, then shift + N to input … I don’t have it to record since it’s being composed as I input. (Also - Not a piano player. Euphonium midi controllers don’t seem like a good investment… :man_shrugging: )

One can marquee-select the notes in the wrong staff and then ALT/OPT + N them to the top staff.

Yes, however, when I do this it often selects seemingly random pitches NOT in the box I drag. For instance, in the above example, it will grab all of the notes C4 and above, then the lowest A-flat on the second chord and the second A-flat in m. 162… then the next time I try it it will grab DIFFERENT wrong notes. But the box just went around the notes above middle C? This introduces more problems.

I agree this is not ideal at present. Another option, which I mentioned recently in another post, is to switch to the piano roll, which allows you to select notes much more easily using click and drag.