MIDI input stop working for a few key presses, then resumes

I’ve had this issues since I upgraded to Cubase 7 a few years ago.

When I first launch Cubase, I can play my midi keyboards (that trigger VSTis in Cubase) for a few key presses, then they go dead several key presses, and then start working again until I close the program. It happens for all VSTis and two different midi input devices (one usb direct keyboard and another midi breakout box to midi keyboard) More of an annoyance than anything, but I figured I would ask to see if anyone has seen and solved this. Thanks!

I forgot to mention that I currently use Cubase 8 32 bit.


What OS do you use?

Make sure, there is no any kind of sleep mode in your OS or on your USB port, please.

Thanks for the suggestion.

WIN7 x64. No sleep mode in OS or USB.

A quirky thing upon Cubase launch.


Is there any reason to use 32-bit Cubase in 64-bit Windows?

Could you try 64-bit Cubase, please?

I used to have that problem with my Axiom controller. I’d just tap the keys til it started again. It would always start again. That was using C 5.5.3 on my old DualCore. I upgraded to C 8 and an i7 and haven’t had an issue. Windows 7 64bit.

It was weird.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve been in process of upgrading to W10. And I think it was an old VSTi: Native Instruments PRO-53 that won’t run on W10. Once I removed that, it seems to be working. FYI: Using 32 bit because I don’t want to hassle with 64 vs 32 bit plugins and how to get that to work.