midi input stopped working - fixed (restarted computer)

ok, i searched the forum and i know this problem has been addressed before but i can’t seem to find the solution.

today the midi keyboard input stopped working.

i’m using the AKAI LPK 25 keyboard, MacOS 10.14.3 and the AudioMidi interface indicates that the keyboard is online.

however today Dorico (2.2.20) doesn’t accept any input from the keyboard.

restarting Dorico doesn’t solve the problem.

is there some setting within Dorico i need to check?

thanks for the help!


Dear tbabcock123,
I never had such problems, but as I’ve read (like a lot) the threads of this forum, I’ve noticed that some users have experienced problems with their MIDI devices sending a flow of informations (such as CC commands) which would prevent the MIDI keyboards to work flawlessly. I’d suggest performing a search with that information in mind.
Edit : I wrote your “name” perfectly, but this forum would change it automatically when it’s published :wink:

thanks marc i will do that search. as for my name… no worries.

You might find that performing a factory reset on the keyboard will help, if it has somehow got into a state where it’s sending spurious data that’s confusing Dorico.

It might also be worth checking that the keyboard has not somehow ended up getting disabled in the ‘Input Devices’ dialog accessible from the Play page of Preferences.

If you still have no joy, try following the steps NI list on their web site for capturing the MIDI data coming from an external device, and we might be able to see something going on.