MIDI Input too sensitive

I don’t know if I unintentionally changed any settings but today my note input via MIDI keyboard doesn’t work properly anymore. Yesterday I could play any chord on the keyboard and it was recognized without any issues but as of today it seems that the input sensitivity is increased so much that it is hardly possible to play a chord without Dorico recognizing it as two single notes. Even playing a chord of five notes will result in a single note followed by another single note and with luck a chord of three notes.

Have you perhaps changed your MIDI quantisation settings (Preferences>Play>Quantization…)?
Also, you should be able to select a passage and requantise (Edit>Requantize) to tidy up a messy input.

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately a change of the Quantization hasn’t solved the issue. There is no difference between a setting to a 32nd note or a half note. It’s very strange.

Could this be the problem?

The problem seems to be hidden somewhere else since the keyboard itself works without failure. It seems as if the Caret jumps directly to the next position when the key is pressed without “waiting” for further notes of the chord unless you are able to press all the keys within the exact same nanosecond. From other notation programs I know that the note input remains at the position within the beat until the first key is released again.

Is the Lock to Duration (padlock) button illuminated? If so, turn it off and see if that fixes it.

Lock to Duration isn’t illuminated. Interestingly enough, I am not able to play a chord in Pitch before Duratuion mode either. Dorico recognizes maybe two or three notes of the chord, but they flicker continuously and sometimes change to other notes of the chord but still not ever note of the chord. Maybe the problem lies in the MIDI signal from the keyboard itself sending wonky data. Though I don’t understand why note input of chords in Sibelius works without any issues.

Have you tried switching off the Enable WinRT MIDI option in Preferences, as recommended?

The WinRT option was indeed the problem. Everything works perfectly now. Thank you so much.