Midi Input Transformer Presets missing [solved]

Hi all,

I seem I cant find the thread where this has already been discussed.
What is the easiest way to re-install the missing presets as described in the subject of this thread?

Thank you, Ernst


Could you write the solution for someone else how would find this thread, please?

HEy Martin, you are right… I just had to check something.

Here’s the situation and the solution: Having installed 10.5. with the update via Download Manager (over 10.0.) the two installations obviously now existed next to each other. So there was a 10.0. Version including an own user-settings folder (!) and a 10.5. version ALSO including a user-settings folder of its own. Looking into the user settings folder belonging to 10.5. compared to that of 10.0 it became ovvious that some sub-folders were missing! I did the following: Selected ALL subfolders and files in the 10.0. user folder and copied them to the 10.5. user folder. Windows asked me of course what to do with name collisions - i decided to leave existing folders/files untouched/unchanged (which is something that other users maybe want to decide differently). So now all missing files and folders that I used to have in 10.0. were also available under 10.5.

Just a simple copy procedure - with some decisions to take.

Maybe a good advice is anyways, to keep a safety copy of the user settings folder in a safe place before modifying it.

BR, Ernst

PS.: Why Cubase installer did not do a correct job is beyond my knowledge.

I did a fresh install of Cubase 11 (no previous versions on this system) and I have no presets at all. How can I get them?