Midi Input Transformer


I’ve recently upgraded from 6.5 to Pro 8.

I watching watching a video where the person was using the input transformer to filter out all midi notes except the one specified (ie. C3) and I’m having difficulty finding an expanation in the manual as to how to do this.

When I go to the scroll down menu of target I only see :
Value 1 / Value 2 / channel / Type / Value 3

How do I change it to Pitch? I’m guesing you start with Value 1 but I have no idea where to go from there.
I found an expanation in the manual of what the input transformer does but not how to accomplish specific tasks.

Thanks ahead for any assistance.

When the filter target is set to “Note”, then Value 1 does indeed mean “Pitch”. To set the desired pitch to C3 (MIDI note #60), you simply the upper section to…
Type is ___ Equal ___ Note ___And
Value 1 ___ Equal ___ 60
(and then “Value 1” will, automatically change, to now show “Pitch” :wink: )

Thanks Vic,

I saw a video on YouTube using version 7 (which I never bought) and it shows a drop down box in the top right corner but on Cubase 8 I have the drop down box but nothing opens (no presets are offered).

I will try the way described above, BTW is there a chart I’m missing in the manual? I’ve been using CB for years but never any of these particular functions so I really appreciate the help.


Got it. Thanks. I think. :blush:
Still don’t understand why my drop down box doesn’t work unless it was disabled in version 8.

I think I had to copy the presets from the Cubase application (Control-click Cubase>Show Package Contents>Contents>presets>Input Transformer folder) to my user Library>Preferences>Cubase 8>Presets>Input Transformer folder. The factory presets then appeared in the drop down box.

Yes, Frog is right… there have been several reports of Presets not being installed correctly.