MIDI input

So I used to use an MAudio interface and in the setup panels there was a spot for MIDI. It generally worked as expected.

Now I’m using a focusrite saffire. There’s no specific MIDI to setup in the devices setup so…

when I load Halion I can preview the sound with the onscreen keyboard. I can record with the virtual keyboard in the transport control panel. But… when I try and use my Oxygen keyboard controller I can SEE midi input data but I cannot hear any sound. So I assume theres a connection issue.

I’ve tried everything I can think of but to no avail. I cannot get the system to connect the incoming midi signal to the virtual instrument. Ive tried changing the midi channels, looked at every menu I can find that relates to MIDI and I cannot figure this out…

Ive read thru the forums but not seen or come across anything thats been able to solve this mystery… so ideas?

Did you engage the little monitor button on the track?

Yes I did have the monitor button selected. I even tried recording but nothing there.

It’s very strange…

Not sure what you mean by this “devices setup” - on the panel for soundcard or in Cubase?

When a new midi port is found it is added to midi devices - and might need to be activated.
You can tell which port are included in “All midi ports”.

When you say you “see midi input data” - what do you mean?
On transport floating panel or on the track?