Midi insert options inside KEY Editor

Hi, some time i use “Arpache 5 / SX” in my Instrument / Midi tracks
and some time i have to deactivate and activate it to adjust the chords and hear them without Arpache effects, that requires me to close the Key editor page every time to access to Midi inserts options

so i hope to add Midi inserts to Key editor page + add 2 buttons inside it
1: Merge MIDI in loop
2: Freeze midi modifiers

This will be a great tool for arpeggios / Make arpeggio on the fly.

Under what circumstances is this required? You should be able to access both the MIDI Inserts and those two functions while the Key Editor is open, both in a separate Window and also the Lower Zone.

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Do you mean i have to select Cubase windows from Windows Taskbar to move to the project window ?

i know that but It’s impractical, for many reasons, windows animation “slow or inflexible”
or if you enabled "release driver when application is in background, will stuttering / skipping sound every time you change the window

  • hard to find correct window if you have many windows in your Taskbar

Yes there are Merge MIDI in loop and Freeze midi modifiers option inside Midi menu
but not not Midi inserts option inside key editor