MIDI Insert slot shows no loaded MIDI-plugin

repeatable issue

Can someone else try this on their Cubase 12.0.52 on an empty project?

Are you trying to torture us? Please type out your repro or use a proper screen recorder.

I don’t have a screen recorder, but these are the steps to reproduce this bug.

  1. Open an empty project.
  2. Add instrument track (Grove Agent SE 5) open a kit
  3. Setup a drum map, using built in drum map generator.
  4. Add beat designer and you should see the UI issue…

Just tried and works perfect , check your graphic drivers , if you are having issues with Ga as well this could be related with graphics your side

for me it works as long as I do not enable drum map? were you able to setup drum map as well…

It’s included with windows.How to Screen Record with Snipping Tool on Windows 11.

it’s not a video card issue…

you mean screenshot?

No. Snipping tool!
Follow the link please.

for me the issue does not happen till you add drum map…

Can you please describe the issue with words? I can’t find it in your very low quality video.

Drum map added , it’s to do with your graphics

did you add drum map? remove there plugins, add drum map, and then add them back in,…

Look at my beat designer , look at my GA and you will see the drum map is applied

that’s really odd, I only see this issue when I add a drum map 1st, then add the midi plugin inserts …
else everything works as expected …

I think you have a graphics resolution problem are you using HiDpi in the preferences ?

The drum map is the last thing you want to load , you need Ga , the kit , then the plugin and lastly the drum map

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ah so it has to be loaded in a specific order? I load the drum map right after loading the GA SE5.

" If something needs to be loaded in a certain order ,then that doesn’t make any sense " . … You certainly don’t make any sense … im out .