Midi insert Transformer help


I’m trying to insert a Transformer on a midi track (insert section).
I whant to select select a note from a chord and mute all others. I test using the builtin preset of Transformer (from musical context menu) and…nothing happens !
I try all other presets and realise that none of works.

Is this a bug ? Could someone help me to solve this.

Best regards


Say (for example) you selected the highest note? Then to mute the other notes, you could set their velocity to zero.

So, if you chose “select highest note” from the Musical Context menu, then (since you want to act on the other notes) you’d edit the selector to do the opposite – Context Variable Unequal Highest Pitch – on the second line of the selector region. Next, you describe the action section of the transformer would have Action Target = Value 2. Why? Because Value 2 is the velocity and Value 1 is the pitch, according to the MIDI language. (Note On event in Table 1). Next, you’d put Operation = Set to fixed value. Then parameter 1 = 0, you can leave alone.

That should do it. I have not tested this advice, it’s just based on my understanding of how these things work.

Thanks for your answer.
Following your recomandation, I enter this in transformer :
Type is / equal / note
Context variable / unequal / Highest pitch

Action target
Value 2 / Set fixed value / 0

and still nothing happens.
Where am I wrong?

Almost never a good idea. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

The insert transformer doesn’t have the musical context filters, though it’s understandable why you’d think they would since you can load any L.E. preset into the insert. You have to use the regular Logical Editor.

For chords you would use the context filters for chords. Highest Note finds the single highest note of the entire selection.

Thank you Steve for that clarification, I thought it was possible…

I would just like to find a sotution to be able to play live chords and have a voice distribution on several woodwinds.
I thought I could insert a midi trasformer on each track to do the work…
The regular Logical editor is a powerfull tools but not for live.

If there is a solution, any advice is welcome…

I don’t know of any dynamic way to do that in Cubendo, just keyboard splits, which is not what you want. It would be a pretty awesome feature if the insert transformer could do it in real time, but I imagine it would be very CPU intensive.

I found this kontakt script on Vi-control forum. It does exactly what I want. Very useful !