MIDI inserts not shown

here is another bug:
when you put an insert on a midi track it is not shown when you close the project and reopen it.
by clicking on the edit “e” the plugin is shown but the name of the plugin stays blank. it´s rather shown as “no effect”.

Hi MetalSound,

I need more info on this one:

Which OS/platform are you using? Is it Nuendo 5 32-bit or 64-bit? Which exact version number of Nuendo 5?
Could you name a specific MIDI plugin that is not loading up properly? I have tested several here, all of them showed up fine after reloading the project.

When exactly does the problem occur? Do you just close the project or shut down Nuendo completely?
Does it also occur in a new project with just one MIDI track and one MIDI insert FX loaded?



the midi compressor is not showing. i made a new template with the midi comp inserted in a midi track and it is not there (at least it is not shown). by clicking “e” you can edit and save parameters though.

i´m on pc win xp sp2, nuendo 5.1. 32-bit.

have to test it with a fresh project.

it happens on a fresh project as well. the midi compressor is not showing. the field stays blank.
seems to be another bug.

any news on this?