MIDI inserts tab missing in full version of C10! (solved)

Hello everyone,

I used to use ARPACHE from time to time in older versions of Cubase, but was not using it for a long time, so not sure if I was using it in C10 or not. But anyways.the time has come and I want to use ARPACHE…the problem is that I don’t see the tab anymore anywhere…
MIDI inserts TAB is just nowhere to be found! when I create MIDI track then I see the TAB but don’t see it on an INSTRUMENT track
I do want to use it on an instrument track, which I’m sure is possible in C8.5, as I still do have the older version installed.

Please see the print screen attached and advise if you could!

Does anyone else experience the same? Or am I missing something?

thanks in advance

p.s. I own a full version of C10. running it on a iMAC 2017 with OSX Mojave

I’m not in front of my Cubase DAW but in Nuendo 10.3 I can configure this view by clicking on the Setup Button

I must have accidentally unchecked it…it was just unchecked…I didn’t even know about the option, lol