Midi instrument channel name display


I have configured an XML file to import the bank defintion of an external piano (CVP 407) connected to my
computer. This was working fine with C5.5.2.

With C6, I am having a problem to see midi channel names displayed correcty after I select a program name
from the bank tree. It is correctly selected, however, it looks like the name is printed in black color (a guess),
while the background of the display zone is also in black. So, the name is invisible (black over black).
I am talking about the “program” field of the Inspector.

The program name however is correctly displayed if I extend the head of the tracks list(where background is
in grey and where most of the infos are repeated).

Is there a way to change the color of the name displayed in the Program zone (The black one, jus before the
drump map) ? Or do I need to use the workaround above ?


hi isokolow

same as actually , you can see the name of the patch on the track itself under the midi input but can’t see the name in the inspector ,

any one else having problems with xml files being displayed ?



anyone ?

Me too

It not just XML that’s the problem but text files as well. They change the patches ok but no name shows in the inspector - all is blank


so it must be an issue with the inspector then ,at least you can still see the patch name on the track till its sorted ! regards