Midi instrument not in F11 instruments


I am getting very odd behaviour on a midi track. When directing the track to an instrument I get a long list, but this is not the list as seen under F11. When I create a new track the track ‘output’ list matches F11.

If I open F11 and can set an instrument to multiple output and split say bass drum from snare. But I can’t when the instrument is not under F11.

Why is the midi track coming up with a different output option? Am I just stuck with this? And how can I set the ‘hidden’ instrument to several outputs?

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Confusing MIDI and Instrument tracks?

MIDI tracks are for hardware instruments. Instrument track is for virtual instruments (VSTis). You should see the same list in the Instrument track, and the VST Instrument (F11) window.

Can you send screenshot?

Only in LE4 on. In the full versions, Inst. tracks are more for sketching ideas on the fly.

I don’t understand this. If you are not interested in the multi-track, and multi-outputs, you can use the Instrument track exactly the same way, as you can use the VST Instrument rack.

Point is MIDI tracks aren’t just for external kit in the full versions.

Of course, you can route the output of the MIDI travk to the VST Instrument rack too.