Midi Instrument while recording X32

Hi - First post here on the forum. We have a computer running Cubase and using the Steinberg sound card. We are trying to record a keyboard that uses Cubase to make the sounds from midi and at the same time, record multiple tracks from our X32. The issue is, that to use the X32 we need the Behringer ASIO selected. When we do that, we lose the midi sound from our keyboard. When we select the Steinberg ASIO, we can hear the keyboard but can’t see the output of the X32. Do we need to get another computer with another instance of Cubase to make sound come out of the midi keyboard to then record on a different computer with the Steinberg ASIO? If Asio4all is the answer how do we make it work for both on the same computer?

Welcome, @OldManBand!

Before plugging in the X32 and switching to the Behringer driver, which driver is loaded so that you get sound when playing the keyboard?

The Steinberg/Yamaha ASIO

Ok, I think I get it.

You have a MIDI keyboard that goes to the Steinberg Interface, but you have to use the X32 as an interface, and you don’t have where to plug-in your keyboard.

Personally, I would avoid messing with ASIO4ALL and just get one of those MIDI to usb adapters, so that I could use the keyboard with any sound interface.

I have a MIDI keyboard that uses instruments within Cubase to make sound. This goes through a Steinberg sound card and the computer uses the Steinberg ASIO. On this same computer, on Cubase, we are trying to record 16 channels of audio coming into the computer from the USB attached to the Behringer digtal mixer. However, to get Cubase to see the 16 tracks, we have to use the Behringer ASIO and the keyboard doesn’t make any sound when we do that. I’m thinking I may have to get another computer with another instance of Cubase using the steinberg ASIO to make the keyboard make a sound - then route that to the mixer and then to the other computer with another Cubase with the Behringer ASIO for recording.

Yes, I got that. But, you can get a cheap adapter, so that your MIDI keyboard connects from MIDI DIN → USB → Computer.
Then you leave aside the Steinberg card.
You connect the X32.
You route the instrument track that the keyboard controls TO a channel of the X32. You listen to your project through the X32. (Your keyboard’s MIDI in would have to be changed to “New Adapter Thingy”)

For me, it feels the easiest thing to do. You use the X32 as your soundcard.

We have tried connecting the keyboard via USB and it works fine - when Cubase is configured with the Steinberg ASIO. When we simply switch the ASIO to Behringer, no sound comes out.

But, if you routed your virtual instrument to an output bus going back to the x32, you should be able to listen from there?

When you record some instruments with the x32, do they play back ok?

As @ggmanestraki is hinting at, this sound like a audio routing issue.
With the x32 ASIO driver selected, double check your audio connections and make sure the VST Instrument is routed to a valid bus.

Please note that only one audio interface can be selected to work with Cubase at a time. In your case this ought to be the X32.

Your MIDI keyboard should only send MIDI data through that USB connection, which keyboard is it (my guess is Motif)?

Your speakers should be connected to the output of the X32; additionally inside Cubase the Stereo Out should be connected to a channel of the X32 that can relay the audio from Cubase to the speakers.

Screenshots from the audio connections (F4) might be helpful.

Probably you don’t need a second computer.