Midi instruments playing flat


I recently rebuilt my PC and the in the process upgraded to Cubase 10, just getting the opportunity recently to dive back in to some recording. I set up an intrument track (using The Grand 3) and it plays a semitone down. First I though it was a midi send issue from my keyboard, but if I play on the the little keyboard thingo in the VST - it’s flat!

I checked the setting of The Grand and it says it 's set to 440Hz, but it definitely isn’t. Got me dumbfounded! I checked the same on Halion Sonic and it’s the same. Doesn’t matter if its a midi instrument, or a rack instrument.

Could it be sample rate issue? I dunno why ti could be that, but thought crossed my mind. There is a possiblilty I don’t have the same driver for my audio interface, but I can’t see how that could affect anything.

Any ideas?

Check that your audio interface is running same sample rate as the project.

I had the same issue but specifically on E flats in the Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Violin II… I wonder why?

Check the transpose function on the toolbar is set to 0.

Thanks for the replies!

Yep, it was the sample rate. This was the first time I had booted up CB on my new PC and the interface by default was set to 48, the project to 44.