Midi interfaces and Cubase 13

Hi everyone! I’m using Cubase 13 pro with Windows 11. It’s great!

I’ve just finished an album and I’m starting a new album so I’m resetting my studio.

I use a lot of old midis gear and I control it by three Midiface 8 Modi interfaces, so I can control 24 midi instruments.

The problem is that Cubase does not know the difference between Midiface 1, Midiface 2 and Midiface 3.

I’m trying to set up a default project so that when I open that project I’ve got immediate access to all 24 midi instruments. But the trouble is that Cubase assigns Midex 1 to the first Midex it finds and even if I save a track to the second Midex unit it reverts to the first when I close Cubase.

I’ve tried renaming in midi set up but t makes no difference.

There must surely be a way of telling Cubase that track 1 goes to Midiface 1, track 10 goes to Midiface 2 and track 50 goes to Midiface 3. And for Cubase to recognise the difference between the three interfaces when I open the default project.

Thanks for reading, best wishes and any advice gratefully received.

My problem is that Cubase doesn’t distinguish between the three so my default project always defaults so that the interface Cubase recognises as Midiface 1 always g