Midi is being input with latency that varies per track (images provided)

Every track is armed to record, and yet I get wildly different placements of where the midi records. You can see how far off all the midi inputs are. The bottom two tracks are blank Instrument Tracks with nothing on them yet.

Depending on what VSTs are loaded on to my Instrument Track, I can slightly reduce the delayed recording, but I can’t remove it entirely to match the blank channels where it theoretically should be. But what would be causing my channels to be routed this way? Midi gets recorded first, then gets sent to the instruments for processing. Why would post processing affect my inputted midi? Is there some insane features I have accidentally togged to make this happen?

Latency after processing makes perfect sense to me, but for input of the midi? For the actual recording of it? You can see the blank channels are dramatically different than the rest, and the one at the top is just an instance of Shreddage Bass with Neutron on it. If I turn on Zero Latency in Neutron, it will reduce the latency and bring it closer to the ones in the middle. But still, why would anything I have on my channel be affecting the midi, before the midi can even get to the channel?

Please help me with this one guys, if you have any ideas, I am all ears.

Windows 10, Cubase 9.5

ASIO Latency Compensation On By Default in preferences. Mother of F!

Not sure when I ticked this, but yeeeeesh, that’s been dogging me for a while. I didn’t have the button set to appear on my Instrument tracklist either, so I was virtually unaware something was up.