Midi is nit recorded in time !!!! And I am playing tight ;) !

Hi I have this problem that is really annoying me !
When I preview my instruments with my midi controler I habe no latency at all ( really not noticable ) but when I record the notes and I wanna keep my human timing everything is either shifted too early or too late on the recorded midi data! I mean I am really not that much off timing !
My Interface is a Focusrite 2i2 and cuabase 9, i7 920 quadcore cpu 2,9 ghz!

Also had this problem in Studio one but not in Reason when I tried the programs!

Thank you

There can be multiple reasons, but the most obvious one would be, is Auto Quantize turned on? (See bottom left of the window).

Thanks man, but thats not the reason unfortunately ;(

There is a setting if to use system timestamp or not for midi - as I recall.
Try change that setting.

Another thing not long ago on forum was a guy having audio running on usb, interface was usb, and also used synths own usb midi connection. Solution for him was to get a separate midi interface, also usb, and use midi out on synth. Separate midi interface have better optimized drivers usually than what synth manufacturors accomplish.

Ahhh thanks this system timestamp was the big problem !! That solved it ! Thank you !
For all other producers who encounter the same problem here is a nice solution page provided by steinberg !


Hey, thanks for the link.

While I don’t experience your problems, I do have some latency issues in some scenarios, and this article looks like good advice for the general health of the MIDI environment. I’m going to go through it as a checklist and make sure everything is optimized.

Great! :wink: