Midi is totally out of sync with the click


I’m having an issue with Cubase LE AI Elements. When I set up any kind of midi track and place a note on the beat the midi is noticeably out of sync with the click, and is approximately delayed by 1/8 of a note. Also, if I open the virtual keyboard and play along to the click there is a big delay with the output of the midi sound.

I’m using a focusrite scarlett solo audio interface with a HP envy 13 series laptop with 8gb of RAM (running windows 10) which comes highly recommended for music production. The latency for my audio interface is only 3ms and i’ve tried using both standard and direct monitoring through the audio interface.

I have the snap tool on when I place the midi sounds and the note is clearly on the beat. I had the same issue with an older lenovo laptop I have with only 3gb of ram which ran Windows 7. I assumed it was a hardware problem and consequently bought this new laptop, but I’m having the exact same problem. The midi sounds will also only play through either my audio interface or an external speaker but not through my laptop’s internal speakers (not sure if this is of any relevance to the problem though).

Can anyone help, this problem has been plaguing me for 3 months?



First of all,

Your Scarlett supposed to be your Recording and Playback Device. Having the Scarlett selected in Cubase as the audiodevice will exclude your internal Audio. That behaviour is indended.

When you talk about Midi Track: What is the destination of this midi track? Or in other word: What instrument are you trying to trigger with the Midi track? If you look in the inspector of the midi track you should see the destination. Is there something like “microsoft gs wavetable synth” shown? If so than you haven’t chosen a proper VST Instrument like Halion Sonic SE. The GS Synth is Part of Windows and does not work inside Cubase. You can trigger it from Cubase but its outside the Asio path. And it is horrible delayed comparing to Cubase internal sound.

Hi Ed,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with latency.

Often times optimizing your PC for audio can resolve these types of issues. Please take these steps as a possible solution:


Best Regards,

Derrick // Focusrite Technical Support