Midi issue in Cubase 9.5.20 with midi controllers

Hi All,
Anyone else having major midi issues using any mixer midi controllers?
I have a Mackie Controller and it will not run right with this version of Cubase it seems to be totally screwed up. I have set the Mackie up with Reason 10 NO issues at all and also Ableton 9 NO issues at all. Cubase is throwing total spas attacks at the faders when moved go back to where they started from am also getting this weird crackling noise when moving the faders when either a vst is playing or audio!!? Totally bizarre I have spent 2 weeks trying to sort this out and blamed everything else in my system little did I know it could be Cubase to blame.
If someone could shed some light on this matter that would be great but I have seen many more people complaining about the same issue.
And yes I have reported it to them and am still waiting so I have sent another request to them.

No problems using the Mackie controller and extender with any Cubase version here. Works exactly as expected.

You really haven’t given us anything to go on. How is it set up?

What issue, who, what thread?

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My midi is going through a Pulsar card it’s simply in and out. I have now tested the setup with Reaper and it works just fine.
Plugged back into Cubase and the faders will not respond right they keep going back to the position they started in. I can even take out the midi into the Mackie and the faders still return to the last position? Am lost I have done everything I can to sort it out cubase 9.5 is the only daw having issues with my Mackie early versions of Cubase had no issues

Do you have Read turned on?

NO nothing like that turned on

After many more hours of trying everything people are saying to me I am no further forward with it

I had this happen once long ago.

The issue was that the Makie was not receiving MIDI back from the program. If no return confirmation is received then the faders do just that: Return to the last CONFIRMED position.

In my case it turned out to be a bad MIDI cable - the LAST thing I expected because they were brand new.

Only (silly) thing I can think of is do you have MIDI In AND Out defined in the MCU setup in Cubase?
Also, why not use the Mackie’s own USB Midi port? That would prevent any odd channel or other conflicts.


Thanks for your input Hugh.
My Mackie is first gen so only midi in and out. Everything is set correct in Cubase. Cable? not tried that yet as cables are like new, always a possibility will order a couple and see if that fixes it. I am going to try and take out my audio cards and re install the driver again see if that sorts it out. I am just going to have to keep going until something fixes the issue

Many thanks guys but seem to have it all sorted now everything working ok at mo. I took out my audio cards wiped all drivers off for them re-installed them and now everything is working. Will test like crazy this evening but all looking good at mo

Good to hear!