MIDI Issue with Cubase

Hi guys,

I have a Casio CDP-100 keyboard that I’ve been used with Cubase Artist 7.5 now for a few months with no problems (hooked up with a USB to MIDI device). All of a sudden today I can’t seem to get any MIDI activity of any kind. To my knowledge, I haven’t changed any settings or anything like that so I’m completely clueless as to what’s gone wrong. The keyboard itself looks fine and plays as normal from its built-in speakers. Can anybody help? Many thanks!


Try creating a inst track & inserting midi monitor on the midi inserts in the inspector. See if anything is being transmitted. This’ll sort out whether anything is getting as far as Cubase.

I’m having the exact same issue. Yesterday everything was fine. Today i open up a project i was working on, no mather what note i press on my keyboard: nothing! I can see there’s midi-input, when i go to device manager & i can change whichever comaand on my GM that i want, thats no problem. but want i open up the key-editor i get no signal, nothing in any midi-fader or no activity in any instrument. Playback is fine, but i think something is definately out of order with the midi-engine :s

Tried it with the Midi-Monitor thingie you said Neil, but no action whatsoever… :s