MIDI Key Editor (Default Velocity For Virtual Keyboard)

Hello everybody. As you know, the MIDI Key Editor in Cubase has a virtual keyboard to the left and if you click the keys the selected instrument will play the note. Usually in other DAWs, when I’m writing in the piano roll, I sometimes click that keyboard to look for my next note. But in Cubase :unamused: , the notes played are at a very loud level, probably 127 velocity. This can be quite annoying when writing soft pieces and my headphones suddenly explode. In other DAWs, when you click near the left edge of the keyboard, it previews a slow (quiet) velocity note, and when you click on the right edge, a faster velocity note plays.

No way to change this in Cubase? Can we at least set the default velocity to be 64 and not 127?

I always thought the keyboard was the same as you described (I guess I’m thinking of Kontakt more).

I’m not completely sure this will work, but in the tool bar at the top of the key editor, there should be a button to select default velocity. I know it works for inputting notes via the mouse — I’m just not sure if it works for the virtual piano.

Yeah, the default velocity you input should logically change it for the virtual piano but it doesn’t. And yes, the Kontakt piano does behave the way I describe, and so does FL Studio’s.

It is set right in the Virtual Keyboard. Please read the documentation.


We’re talking about the vertical keyboard in the Key Editor.

I think I have found my glasses. :blush:

Yes, that is a “hardwired” parameter, and indeed at 127. I imagine a feature request for the Insert Velocity value to affect the Key Editor keyboard would get a lot of support.

lol. That’s a shame. I’m coming from FL Studio and while I have found many advantages in Cubase, I can’t help but feel that Cubase’s MIDI editor is underdeveloped.

These are the features I miss most from FL and would greatly love them implemented in some way for Cubase.

-Horizontal grid lines for the controller lane.
-More visual feedback as to what note is being played on the virtual keyboard (horizontal line highlight).
-Dynamic velocity for virtual keyboard.
-Different appearances for virtual keyboard.
-Vertical grid lines differentiate better between bars and beats with enhanced contrast.
-Controller lane CC events don’t have large nodes or handles, allowing you to make finer adjustments.
-Velocity lines in the controller lanes also have a horizontal line that indicates length.
-Quick randomize tool for velocity levels.
-Ghost channels or notes that don’t require you to manually select the tracks.
-Holding right-click allows for quick erasing.
-Clicking a recorded note once, defines the new default note length and velocity.

Can I really just post some of my ideas in the feature request section? Do the devs actually read those?

While keeping in mind that Cubase has it’s own gestalt so to speak- so it will never duplicate all the features of FL Studio- SB does pay attention to the FR forum. There’s some latency between when requests are posted and they are included in a release though. :wink:

My “pet” request for a while was for grid and metronome improvements, and they came through, imo, brilliantly for that, though it took some time!

Here’s a request I just made for improving the Key Editor keyboard