MIDI key Features (root key manipulation)

Awesome now with just mouse click can paint key notes…

Could be nice if this apply also to delete them as ableton Live does just clicking, save lot time and is very comfortable :nerd:

not sure if this is already there for MIDI instruments (please let me know)
Root key manipulation as FL does, you can just change the feeling with just a click


is this forum died???

I think nobody has understood (me included :wink: ) your request. What do you mean by “paint key notes”? (I’m guessing you don’t mean, simply using the pencil or paintbrush tool in the MIDI Key Editor?)

in Cubase,middle C=C3(C3=261,6hz),in Fruityloops it’s C5(C5=261,6hz),in Sonar it’s C4(C4=261,6hz).

If you ever used the MIDI key editor or (piano roll) from Ableton Live, you will know what im talking about… You can with the arrow mouse just with a click paint a midi note, as you can do now with cubase 8.5, also in ableton live, you can delete midi notes with the same click/arrow, I mean no need different tools or buttons to do the task… You can use other tools of course but is simplified to one tool (if you want) something very similar in FL studio but with right click and left click…

About my second request… is a bit difficult to me to explain in english… I will try with a example:

I have a chord on where root key is C#

and I want to up this chord to E, Normally and the right way to do this is just to select all those midi notes and up to E in the midi editor

FL have an extra ability of keep your chord in C# in the midi editor, but the root key can be changed without moving the midi notes in the editor… Is just about select another root key (if you see the image attached in my first message you will understand better what im talking about) I find this very useful for some kind of things.

In the Project Window you can select a MIDI Part and transpose it by using the Info Line. So for example if your MIDI Part contains the chords C F & G and you set the part to transpose by +4 then it will play back as E A & B. However if you open the part in the Key Editor it will still show the chords C F & G.

Hello Raino, and where exactly is located? Im checking in the left panel, and Im clicking in the Transposition on semitones, do you mean that? because in MIDI, for example using sylenth1 or another vst, that doesn’t affect at all, and Im not getting any tone changes, I used this tool before with samples and it works but not with midi

In the attached you can see where the Transpose value is set, the notes in the MIDI Part & a MIDI Monitor showing the transposed notes.

Thank you for the sreeen shot Raino! :slight_smile: