Midi Keyboard Alesis Q25 Not Recognized

I’m new to Dorico Elements and watched the tutorial on inputting notation via playing the midi keyboard and am not able to get Dorico Elements 2 to recognize my Alesis Q25 after following the directions:

-My new MacBook pro is plugged in
-My Alesis is plugged into my MacBook and showing power
-Clicked on Dorico preferences -> Play -> Midi Input Devices. And the dialogue box is empty.


Dorico only scans for MIDI devices upon startup. Is the keyboard attached and on before starting Dorico?

Ditto Fred. I use an Alesis keyboard and don’t have any issues.

Same here. Alesis keyboard works fine with Dorico. But be sure it’s on before starting Dorico.

Working fine now. Needed to change a setting on my Macbook Pro!