MIDI keyboard and Cubase LE 8

I have a laptop with Windows 10 and Cubase LE 8. I also have a midi keyboard from Novation which is a Lauchkey MK2. I can plug the keyboard directly into the laptop with only a usb cable.

I am really new to cubase and audio recording/mixing/production, so I’m a bit lost with this midi thing. In cubase, I cannot get to record a track with my keyboard. I can’t even hear what is written on the drum map. I’m not sure if my problem (can’t play anything with keyboard) comes from me knowing nothing about cubase or if my keyboard is not programmed or linked properly to cubase.

I hope I was clear enough, thank you in advance!!


Hi and welcome,

Launchkey is a MIDI keyboard, not a synthesiser. Do it sends MIDI data.

Add an Instrument track, and select a VSTi, which you want to use. Use your MIDI Keyboard to send the MIDI Notes. The VSTi will make the sound. In the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System, select the ASIO driver, you want to use (your Audio Device). Here you will hear the sound.