Midi keyboard does not work after adding GASE

I have some files that seems in a way corrupted. When I start up my midi keyboard does not work. I see it connencted in the properties but I don’t get the green signal right under and I have no sound. The playback sound works normal. When I connect in the properties the keyboard again it sometimes works.

All these files have in common that they use GASE. I just made a check and added the instruments I wanted and then one for one closed and opened again. It all worked as expected till I added GASE. When I use another drum VST I don’t have problems.

Is this a kind off bug?

The attachment is a dorico file where on my system (Windows 11 Ryzen9) the korg nanokey gives no signal.
Midi keyboard GASE.dorico (2.6 MB)
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.3 MB)

I use a combination of Noteperformer, Halion, Pianoteq 8 and Ample Bass

So has anybody an idea?

I can load your demo project and it works as expected.
Is the NanoKey a BlueTooth device? What if you switch off using WinRT in the Dorico Preferences dialog. In there choose the Play tab, scroll all the way down and unfold the Advanced Options. After applying changes in there you still need to restart Dorico to make the changes take effect.

@Ulf Thanks a lot. I switched off WinRT and now it works.

Small thing I notice now when opening the file I get in the mixer channel of the drums a short signal. It is not really a peak but looks like plugging in something with the volume turned on. So it still to me looks like if it has something to do with GASE. It is not a problem for me, but just for your information.

Korg Nanokey is a wired keyboard.

Good to hear that you have it working again.

In regards to that peak, I don’t experience something like that and also never heard about it before. Maybe you could make a very short screencast or film it with a smartphone.

@Ulf Ok, I made an screen recording with my phone. It is to big for the forum so here is a link.

It happens a split second after the sounds are loaded. The play button turns green. You hear it if you really turn up the volume.

It happens also with WinRT switched on. But it only happens with GASE.

I added GASE manual in setup mode. Shift P drumset. And then in play mode load GASE and assign it to to drums.

Okay, thanks very much. I can clearly see, but it does not happen on my end.
And the peak is actually quite high, it should be perceivable if one pumps up the volume of the speaker, or not?
I really wonder where that one comes from.

@Ulf You hear it if you really turn up the volume.

@Maarten_Kruijswijk , and what does it sound like?

@Ulf Just a very short electrical sound. Not low. A spark.

It could be an uninitialized audio buffer filled with arbitrary numbers which gets flushed out. What are your audio parameters, sample rate / sample frequency?
And does the sound change when you change those parameters?

@Ulf I have 44100 sample rate and 192 buffer size Focusrite Scarlett 4/4
when I change the settings the sounds stay the same. Although difficult to hear maybe a little bit lower when you make the buffersize larger. I think it is it is only the right channel that gives the sound.

Thanks for your investigations. I also played with the params, but could not reproduce. But it must be something along that assumption with the uninitialized audio buffers.

Ok, for me it is no problem. Thanks for the help. The good thing is that I discovered today that my system works fine with smaller buffersize.

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