MIDI Keyboard Doesn't Trigger Playback on Voice 2


I am setting up multiple voices on a few tracks in Dorico with VEPro.

Using one track for example, I have enabled Independent Voice Playback on the FHorn track.

Voice 1 is set to Port 1/Channel 1
Voice 2 is set to Port 1/Channel 2

FHorns Voice 1

F Horns Voice 2

In VEPro, KONTAKT’s channels and outputs are matched to Dorico.

I can hear everything playback from Dorico independently when I press spacebar/playback.

But if I try to audition the 2nd voice from my MIDI keyboard, I can’t hear the sample playback. Instead, when I play my keyboard, it plays the first sample on channel 1. I also added a 3rd voice to test and the same results occur.

What I am wanting or might be assuming incorrectly, is that if I click on Voice 2/Channel 2 (or decide to add more voices to a track) and play some notes on my keyboard, I should be able to hear that sample playback independently on the assigned voice.

Is there a setting or something I am missing?

Also, if I wanted to audition something from my keyboard on the 2nd or 3rd voices, is that possible in the Write View?

Thank you!

I don’t think you’re missing anything: I believe auditioning will always play through the first endpoint assigned to an instrument, i.e. it doesn’t take the independent voice playback settings into account.

OK Daniel, thanks for letting me know.