MIDI Keyboard input is not working

Just updated to 1.2 and I can no longer input notes with my MIDI keyboard. When I switch to note input mode I can hear the instrument as I hit notes on the keyboard, but the notes don’t actually get input onto the score. MIDI input is enabled in the preferences. I’ve tried checking other settings but can’t find anything that would prevent inputting notes from the keyboard.

This is very strange - we’ve not heard other reports of this. The fact that you can hear it is good, as it means that Dorico has recognised the device (though just to check: you’re definitely hearing the sounds from Dorico and not the sounds in your keyboard?). Here’s a few things to try:

  1. Reboot
  2. Start Dorico and create a new score, and add an instrument
  3. Start note input by double-click or pressing Return
  4. Play some notes on the MIDI keyboard. Do you still hear them playing?
  5. Select Help -> Create Diagnostic Report and attach the Dorico Diagnostics.zip file on your desktop here.

I had this problem once, turned out that the midi cable was not plugged in completely…

I did, too; I found it’s necessary to be in Write Mode and actually to have entered at least one note - them MIDI (from my Axiom 61) follows perfectly.

Sean, do make sure that you are not only in Write mode, and not only that you select something on the staff like a note or a rest, but that you also hit Return or type Shift+N to start note input and show the caret: only when the caret is visible can you actually input notes, either with the MIDI keyboard or your computer keyboard.

I seem to have figured out what was causing the issue on my system. When I experienced the issue, I was creating a TouchOSC template to replace some key commands with buttons on my iPad. It seems some MIDI notes were sent from TouchOSC and Dorico thought that was my MIDI controller. I tested this to make sure. If I open Dorico, go into Note Input mode and then start playing the keyboard, the notes appear on the score as expected. But if I open Dorico and first hit a button in TouchOSC that sends a MIDI note, and then try to input notes from the keyboard, that is when it doesn’t work. So as long as I hit a note on my keyboard before using TouchOSC, everything works great.

It seems that Dorico waits to receive a MIDI note from a controller and then locks on to that controller and doesn’t accept note input from any other controllers.

It seems that Dorico waits to receive a MIDI note from a controller and then locks on to that controller and doesn’t accept note input from any other controllers.

I don’t think that’s the case, but is it possible that your TouchOSC template is sending a lot of MIDI data all the time? Devices that stream MIDI continuously into Dorico can currently cause the application to choke and eventually lock up. (This is something we will endeavour to fix as soon as possible.)

Ah, you are right. I was able to further narrow down the issue. I only have the issue when a program called Osculator is open. As long as I close that program before booting up Dorico then all is good. Perhaps that program is flooding Dorico with MIDI data as you suggested.

I’ve had this problem too, Dorico (2.2.20) getting very sluggish and the kbd not being seen. The kbd is plugged directly into the omac’s usb port. When Cubase is open the midi meter is showing constant data activity. To the point about Dorico choking on this constant data stream does this mean the kbd or usb cable is worn out? Another though: I upgraded to an imac that has usb 3 ports so would that be a factor? Somehow, after rebooting a few times it gets sorted but it would help to know if it’s in fact my kbd, cable or something else.

Does Dorico’s sluggishness really relate to the connected MIDI keyboard? What if you unplug it, does it get better immediately?
USB cables as such don’t wear out, but the connectors might do if you extremely often plug/unplug them. I assume that is not the case with you.
You say that the MIDI meter in Cubase does show constant activity, this is unusual and should not be. Only when note or controller messages come in, it should flicker. Maybe something is wrong with your MIDI keyboard in that it sends a constant stream of random MIDI data. This could happen due to a stuck key or slider. Have you tried a MIDI monitor program such as https://www.snoize.com/MIDIMonitor/ to check what MIDI messages steadily pour out of your keyboard?

Thanks for the quick reply Ulf. I will get the midi monitor as you suggest. Unplugging/replugging didn’t help it yesterday but all is working well today. In any case, I see that the problem is isolated to my keyboard so I’ll do research to see why it sends unwanted midi data. Thanks again.