Midi keyboard is late

Hi, guys.
There’s a problem of connecting M-Audio 61 MK3 Cubase 10 and Steinberg UR22mkII.
When I switch to Generic Low Latency Asio Driver everything is OK, sound isn’t late and comes from notebook speakers, but when I switch to Yamaha Steinberg USB Asio keyboard starts being a little late. Who ever experienced such problem please HELP!

Hi and welcome,

What is the Buffer Size settings of your UR22mkII?

Buffer Size is the lowest- 32 samles. Input latency 2.608 Output - 3.583.
The most interesting is that using Generic Low Latency Asio Driver Output is 20 ms, but it sounds perfectly without any latency)))


Do you think it’s incoming MIDI data or the audio return?

Are the MIDI data recorded in time or delayed (is the delay so significant that you could recognise it?)?