MIDI Keyboard Note Input not working

Hi there!

I’m pretty new to Dorico (Pro 2 on PC) and am still on the trial period with a few days left. Dorico’s been working wonderfully all this while, but just this morning, note input on my MIDI keyboard has started lagging to the point that it’s unusable. Here’s the rundown of the issue/what I’ve done so far:

  1. Note-input by clicking in notes manually, or using computer keyboard works perfectly.
  2. Playback of everything that’s on the score works perfectly.
  3. However, when trying to input notes using MIDI keyboard, while there is sound corresponding to what I’m playing, there is such a lag (usually 30 seconds or more) before the notes appear that it isn’t usable at all. Sometimes (perhaps I need to be more patient) the notes I’m trying to input don’t appear at all.

The same problem persists regardless of the file I’ve opened in Dorico, and regardless of whether I have other programs running. I’ve updated Dorico to the latest version (2.2.20), restarted my computer/audio interface etc., but unfortunately I’m still facing this issue.

I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 as my USB audio interface which I’ve found doesn’t always play nice with the ASIO driver, if that makes any difference, but playback hasn’t been an issue here.

Has anyone gone through something similar? I tried combing through the forum for solutions to similar issues, but haven’t been able to find much so far. If there’s something I missed that someone could point me towards, or if anyone has suggestions/advice, I’d be very grateful.


Really strange, I’ve never heard of anything like this before.

This is just wild guessing, but what if you go to Edit > Device Setup and change the sample rate to something else and then back again?
Similarly, what if you change the audio driver to the Generic Low Latency driver? Does that change the behaviour?

Hi Ulf,

Thanks so much for your quick reply!

I was just going to post stating I’d found the cause of the issue: turns out my MIDI keyboard was wonky and was sending an endless stream of MIDI data. I should have figured it out earlier, but strangely enough when I tried switching to two other MIDI keyboards, the problem didn’t go away (perhaps all my MIDI keyboards aren’t in their best state :blush: ).

Thankfully I managed to fix the problem with the MIDI data and after restarting Dorico, MIDI keyboard note input has been working great.

Thanks again for your help!

Good to hear it is sorted :slight_smile: