Midi Keyboard Note Input setting control

I am going to try my best to explain my issue.
so I do a lot of copy work.
and I have to transcribe piano music.

So when I want to input a chord(More than one note at a time), I have to press Q to enable the chord function and then press the keyboard to create a chord.

If I don’t do this sometimes it works, and sometimes it individually inputs the note.

This is what I want

This is what dorico Does

This is only a problem because it slows my workflow to toggle the chord function on and off, and it inputs the note as a chord sometimes. (Which I think it occurs because of a slight delay in pressing the key.)

(Just to clarify, I’m not talking about real-time midi recording function)

So the main question is, Is there an option to change the window of time for my chord input? so that if I press the keys within a certain time frame It will input as a chord?

Thanks for reading!
Help would be appreciated!

If one is inputting notes in step time from a MIDI keyboard, one does not have to enable chord input to enter chords. The chord button on the left is used when one is adding notes successively from one’s “typewriter” keyboard. Using a MIDI keyboard for note input, one just types the chord and it appears.

You might want to switch from the default “duration before notes” to “note before duration mode” - there is an icon on the left for it. You can play them one finger at a time if you want, then hit quarter duration or whatever. You still want to be comfortable slipping in and out of chord mode at times but you can leave it on treating single notes as one note chords.

Anyway an option Cheers!

the problem I face is that features only work sometimes.
I know it should work that way, but I keep running into issues, when I press the chord it inputs like this


Not like this


That is still an additional layer of entering a chord on a midi keyboard.
I just want to be able to input a chord by pressing the chord on MIDI keyboard.

But interesting suggestion!

The top example looks as if you are somehow rolling the chord; if one presses the notes of the chord simultaneously on the MIDI keyboard, a chord should appear.

If you are on Windows, you could try turning off “Enable WinRT MIDI” at the bottom of the Play page of Preferences, to see whether that changes the responsiveness of MIDI input.

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That fixed the issue. Thank you so much